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Ultrasonic baths are widely used and considered an essential tool to clean wire dies. Bransonic MH Series cleaners are known for offering a level quality and reliability you have come to expect from Branson that includes a 60-minute mechanical timer and continuous operation with heating capability.

The chart below includes recommendations for using an ultrasonic cleaner to precision-clean wire dies. After cleaning we recommend evaluating the dies with an Esteves Group Microscope that is specially made for evaluating wire dies.

Cleaning method for wire dies Action Chemical Ultrasonic Frequency [kHz] Handling Temp.
°C [°F]
Dwell Time
1. Wash Esteves Cleaner 40 Basket 60°C [140°F] 5 minutes
2. Dry compressed air - Die-pliers - until dry
3. Ultra-Clean cleaning paper - Tweezers - until ultra-clean

Learn more about cleaning paper, pliers and tweezers.

Branson MH Ultrasonic Baths
Esteves Branson ultrasonic US bath cleaner usage details
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