Evaluate drawing die wear to determine if a die can be placed back in service, or if it needs to be recut or repolished. The microscope can also be used to evaluate the surface condition of your wire.
{pageEsteves USA drawing wire/die zoom-microscope
  • Excellent for die evaluation
  • Useful for wire surface inspection
  • Die geometry can be rotated and seen from any angle
  • Self-contained and adjustable top and bottom lighting
  • Built-in zoom
  • Low eye fatigue
Key Features
  • Size range: .0010 - 2.05"
  • Holds various casing sizes
  • Inclinable and movable die stage
  • Adjustable top and bottom lighting
  • High quality optics

Binocular microscopes for full-die profile inspection meet the demands of today’s die shop operators and die inspection personnel.

Microscopes are widely used and considered as an essential tool to inspect drawing dies. High-quality optics enable the trained operator or die inspector to evaluate drawing die geometries and observe surface features in drawing dies.

Esteves Group microscopes are used for evaluating drawing die wear and to determine if a die can be repolished or if recutting will be required. The microscope can also be used to visually evaluate the quality of the wire that is being manufactured.

Esteves Group DZM-series binocular microscopes allow for superb drawing die evaluation with low eye fatigue for the operator. They are an essential tool within every die shop.

Virtually any type of die shop tooling is available from Esteves Group as well as in-house training for your recutting, repolishing, and resizing needs.

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