How should I clean my dies before checking with a microscope?

Depending on how dirty your dies are you may want to use a degreasing agent, an ultrasonic bath, compressed air and special cleaning paper.

How should I use your microscope?
  1. Make sure the distance between the eye-pieces match the distance between your eyes. If you cannot comfortably look through the microscope then adjust the eye-piece distance.
  2. Make sure the die is clean.
  3. Place die into the die stage
  4. Switch on bottom and top lights
  5. Start at lowest magnification and adjust focus to obtain a sharp image
  6. Incline the die such that the area that you’d like to investigate is clearly visible
  7. Re-adjust focus if necessary
  8. Adjust bottom-lighting in order to get the maximum contrast for observing the area of interest
  9. Adjust the zoom rate to your liking.
I would like to check the wire surface. Can I use your microscope for that?

Yes, you can. Remove the die stage, and turn-off the bottom light and use the top-light only. Place the wire on the microscope base and zoom-in to your preference and adjust the focus to obtain a clear image of the wire.

I need to store pictures of wire surfaces (or drawing dies). Do you have something for that?

Yes, there are several available.

  1. If you have a trinocular microscope then we can provide a USB camera that can be placed in the trinocular tube.
  2. If you have a binocular or a monocular microscope then we have a USB camera available that can be placed instead of one of the eye-pieces.

The USB camera then needs to be plugged into a Windows computer before you can store the images as a jpg or a png file.

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