Features and Benefits

Esteves Group's range of wire polishing machines are used for reworking (recutting/repolishing) drawing dies.

The machines are easy to use and are known for their consistency, their optimum control over the die geometry, low maintenance, and high flexibility.

The wire polishing machines have a wide range of clamps that hold both different size wires and drawing dies, allowing the machines to be adapted to every specific need.

The long experience of the Esteves Group in the diamond die manufacturing industry is reflected in the high-quality design and efficient build of the wire polishing machines.

Esteves Group polishing machines can be used for recutting and repolishing of all types of diamond dies, ranging in diameter from 0.1 to 8.0 mm (.004 - .315”).

Repolishing required
Recutting required
Microscope picture of a wire drawing die needing to be recut
Microscope picture of a wire drawing die needing to be repolished

Die shop consumables (ancillary equipment) 

Polishing powder Polishing liquid Mixing cup Polish liquid dispensing bottles
Cleaning paper Adhesive tapes Magnifying lens Tweezers and pliers
Copper / tungsten / steel wire Polishing wax Vaseline