Features and Benefits

Split dies are commonly used as a replacement for regular bunching, stranding and compacting dies to dramatically cut the setup time of stranding machines. The use of split dies minimizes the necessity to restring a machine when changing dies or products.

Several types of split dies are available. Contact Esteves Group to see which type is best suited for your application.

Split die details
Cross section of a polycrystalline diamond PCD or tungsten carbide TC split die
Cable examples
Bunching/stranding/compacting dies
Cross-section of wire and cable stranding process Cross-section of wire and cable bunching, stranding, and compacting die

Applicability and Product Use

Bunching/Stranding/Compacting dies are frequently used for:

  • Copper cables
  • Aluminum cables
  • Stainless steel cables
  • Special alloy and high-performance alloy cables
  • Precious metal cables
  • Various other ferrous and non-ferrous metal cables
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