Dramatically cut setup time

Made in a wide range of configurations and designs, split dies can dramatically cut your setup time by eliminating the need to restring a stranding or cabling machine when changing sizes. Split dies allow for quick changeovers without cutting the wire, providing ease of use and higher throughput.
  • Dramatically cut your setup time
  • Eliminates restringing
Key Features
  • Optimal die profile, tailored to your process
  • Available in a wide size range
  • Available in TC and Steel
Animation of wire and cable stranding process through a stranding die

Esteves Group bunching, stranding, and compacting dies for high quality cable.

Split dies are commonly used as a replacement for regular bunching, stranding and compacting dies to dramatically cut the setup time of stranding machines. The use of split dies minimizes the necessity to restring a machine.

Esteves Group split dies have well blended profiles and highly polished surfaces enabling superior performance and wire quality.

Esteves Group offers a variety of materials for you to choose from to meet your cabling requirements.

Higher throughput, easier die changes, less scrap, and higher quality all add up to more profit for the wire and cable manufacturer.

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