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Our Advanced Engineering methods are helping customers achieve the lowest cost in very big ways. Since 2013 we have been applying science and proprietary software to calculate the optimal wire die. By analyzing your process and the alloy you need to draw, the resulting solution helps you reduce wire breaks, improve wire quality, and run your machines faster. This leads to world-class production with increased throughput, machine up-time, and the lowest cost to produce your wire.
Products perfectly matched to your machine
Thousands of hours went into developing a sophisticated software program that our engineers use to design dies and die strings for any given type of wire material and drawing process. The software takes wire material properties, machine mechanical requirements, and process speeds into account. It uses proprietary material science and algorithms to calculate precise die size sequences and profiles. The calculations result in optimized homogeneous material flow through the dies, minimizing wire breaks, maximizing die life, and allowing for increased process speeds.
The science of solutions
at Esteves Group
We provide solutions
We see wire manufacturers working hard to keep up with the trend in wire engineering toward special alloys, constructions and compounds. And the ever-increasing need to constantly improve to stay or get competitive with more standard products. The traditional “one-profile fits all” commodity die cannot effectively meet those needs. Our custom engineered approach is the result of Esteves Group’s long-term vision and desire to help customers with their goals, expectations, and challenges.
Partners creating win-win outcomes
In recent years the necessity for working with customers as partners has dramatically increased. Customers are realizing that a partnership relationship is the best way to create the win-win outcomes necessary to thrive in today’s wire market place.
Success stories
Not just words, real results
Our Advanced Engineering methods are helping customers accomplish the lowest cost in very big ways. To do that in some cases the price of high-quality engineered dies may be higher. However, when calculating the cost of dies per pound or foot of wire produced it can be significantly lower. Seen from that perspective, these customers are achieving the lowest cost to produce their wire.
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This is where everything comes together: product, machine, industry, partnering, and engineering solutions that result in success stories. You can count on us to provide solutions that let you manufacture better, faster and cheaper.