Features and Benefits

The ultra-smooth layer of diamond on a tungsten carbide die ensures the smoothest wire surface that is possible today. The diamond coated die is the perfect combination of large-size availability of tungsten carbide and the ideal surface properties of randomly oriented synthetic diamond.

Maintenance, inventory, and cost:

  • Diamond coated dies do not need to be recut and are simply discarded after use, reducing logistics and stock-keeping costs; additional savings are provided by not having to return the product for refurbishing.
  • Cost differences vs. TC dies are quickly offset due to lowered running costs (lowered cost of ownership), you will start saving money from the start!

Test dies, free of charge, are available for customers that have never tried Esteves Diamond Coated dies for Steel. Please contact Esteves Group customer service and ask for a free trial.

Applicability and Product Use

DC dies for steel are suitable for:

  • Low and medium carbon steel wire
  • Stainless steel wire
  • Welding wire
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