DZM Die Inspection Microscope Product name DZM-5 DZM-5T
Recommended for die size range (1) .0020 - 1.0”
[0.050 - 25.4 mm]
Casing diameter holds 1”, 1⅛”, 1½”, 25mm, 28mm, 38mm
(optional 2” and 3”)
360° die rotation holder ✔︎
Adjustable die inclination ✔︎
Movable die stage ✔︎
Camera adapter (USB camera optional) ✔︎
Stereo/depth view (binocular) ✔︎
Magnification range (2) 3.5x to 90x
Available objectives Build-in zoom up to 4.5x
Available eyepieces 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x
Illumination LED
Manual illumination intensity control Individually controlled top and bottom lighting
Lighting position Movable top and movable bottom lighting
Input power 110V (220V optional)
Dimensions [w x d x h] (Approx.) inch [mm] 6.3 x 9.4 x 11
[160 x 240 x 280]
Weight (approx.) 14.1 lbs
[6.4 kg]
15.4 lbs
[7.0 kg]
  1. For any additional requirements and inquiries, please contact a sales representative at Esteves Group
  2. Magnification range depends on objective and eyepiece combination
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