This product is only available in North America, South America, and in Asia.

Features and Benefits

For precision GO/NOGO measuring of hole sizes and depths, checking hole location and distance, and setting micrometers.

All check pins are uniformly 2” long with ground ends, allowing you to use both ends for increased gage life. Gages are Carbon Chrome Alloy Steel (grade 52100 bearing quality steel) and heat treated to a 60-62 Rockwell C hardness. All check pints come with a Certificate of Class Conformance, traceable to NIST (National Institute for Standards Technology).

The size and “+” (GO) or “–” (NOGO) are laser etched with a Meyer Exclusive Serial Number feature to ensure traceability on your shop floor on all gages that are .061” and larger.

The check pins have an inch tolerance of .0001” and a metric tolerance of 0.0025 mm.

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