Check pins

Esteves Group is an authorized distributer of Meyer Gages (only in North America, South America, and in Asia). Check pins can be used to quickly gage the size of a wire die or extrusion tool.
{pageEsteves Meyer check pins and go/no-go gages
  • Ideal for measuring hole size
  • GO & NO/GO gaging
  • Can be used for setting micrometers
Key Features
  • Size deviation .0001" (0.00254 mm)
  • Roundness geometry .00005" (0.00125 mm)
  • All gages and sets are traceable to N.I.S.T.
  • Size and serial number laser etched on each piece (M-O not etched)
  • Heat treated to a hardness of 60-62 Rockwell C
  • All imperial gages with .0001" limit, all metric gages with 0.0025 mm tolerance limit

This product is only available in North America, South America, and in Asia.

Click here to download the Meyer Gage catalog to determine the right gage for your needs.

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