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Extrusion tools are commonly used to apply an insulating layer around a solid or stranded wire. The extrusion tip, also called extrusion wire guide, guides a single or group of wires into and through an extrusion die. The extrusion die controls the shape and size of the insulating material around the wire.

State-of-the-art technology and tight concentricity (0.005 mm / .0002”) of Esteves Group extrusion tools give the insulator the ability to maintain a uniform insulation thickness minimizing material usage and scrap.

Super-hard material inserts in the wire guides, primarily diamond and carbide, ensure long tool life even at high extrusion process speeds.

Esteves 60° semi-compression extrusion tip and die
Esteves 34° semi-compression extrusion tip and die
Esteves tubing extrusion tip and die
Cross section of an Esteves extrusion tip and die
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Extrusion Tip examples
Esteves extrusion tip examples
Extrusion Die examples
Esteves extrusion die examples