Features and Benefits

Bunching, stranding, and compacting dies are commonly used to guide and compact wires to create cables that usually consist of several electrically conducting wires. Applications include high, medium and low voltage cables and automotive wires.

In the case of bunchers, the dies are located at the entrance of the machine to gather the incoming wires. 

Depending on the type of buncher, dies can also be located before the take-up reel inside the machine to shape the wire that goes onto the reel.

In the case of stranders, stranding dies are used inside the machine to guide the wires and to gather and form the wire prior to going on the reel on the outside of the machine.

DC die example
Esteves diamond coated DC die for wire and cable bunching, stranding and compacting
Cable examples
Bunching/stranding/compacting dies
Cross-section of wire and cable stranding process Cross-section of wire and cable bunching, stranding, and compacting die

Applicability and Product Use

Bunching/Stranding/Compacting dies are frequently used for:

  • Copper cables
  • Aluminum cables
  • Stainless steel cables
  • Special alloy and high-performance alloy cables
  • Precious metal cables
  • Various other ferrous and non-ferrous metal cables
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