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Let us reduce your cost by reworking your dies. We can repolish, recut, resize, or change the internal geometry of used dies, regardless of the original manufacturer.
Esteves recut reposh and refurbished PCD SSCD ND and TC wire drawing die services
  • Drawing die cost savings by re-using your dies
  • Die wear feedback, die usage report available upon request
  • Fast turn-around time/expedited service available
  • Easy ordering, one price per size
  • Customizable stocking programs that fit your needs
Key Features
  • Available for PCD, SSCD and ND dies
  • Recutting and resizing of dies
  • Die repolishing when wear is slight
  • Die profile changes possible
  • Recasing optional

Die refurbishing services save costs by restoring or enhancing the original performance in drawing dies.

At Esteves Group, we have spent years developing processes that have helped the wire drawing industry save cost.

This experience delivers recutting, repolishing, and resizing capabilities that fully recover or sometimes enhance the initial drawing die performance.

Drawing dies can usually be reused several times. When you send your dies to us to be refurbished, we will inform you about the die condition, and if the dies can be repolished or need to be recut. New dies can be added to complete the set.

You can count on us to find the most cost-effective solution for your die recutting needs.

Esteves Group die refurbishing is available for all types of diamond, regardless of the original manufacturer.

Get Started.

Call today and see how we can help make your used dies work like new again.

What will happen next?

We’ll email you a quotation that is valid for 60 days. Aside from a limited rush capacity, we work on a first come first serve basis so the sooner you place your order the sooner you will have your dies.

What payment methods can I use?

Current customers will receive an invoice. If you are not a current customer, we accept credit cards.

How much will shipping cost?

Shipping costs depend on the carrier and on the urgency of your order.  Please let us know your current shipping company. We can ship using your preferred courier if you want. Typically, we ship with UPS, however FEDEX and DHL are also available.

My machine is down, how soon can I get dies?

Call your Esteves Group sales representative and ask about our expediting options.

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