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PCD dies are ideal for long production runs and for drawing abrasive wire materials as they outlast TC, SSCD and ND dies. Polycrystalline diamond dies are available in various grain sizes, both in supported and unsupported configurations. PCD dies provide uniform hardness and extended wear resistance in all directions.
{pageEsteves poly polycrystalline diamond PCD micron wire drawing dies
  • Long lasting (outlasts TC and SSCD/ND dies)
  • Ideal for long production runs
  • Ideal for highly abrasive wire materials
  • Wire remains round, even with significant die wear
  • Tailored to wire alloy
  • Tailored to wire requirements (quality wire surface when required)
  • Predictable cast & helix when required
  • Inventory programs available
Key Features
  • Usable with dry and wet draw
  • Available in any casing size
  • Various grain sizes available
  • Dies available for high temperature applications
  • Tight-tolerance dies available

High-performance polycrystalline diamond dies allow wire manufacturers to meet quality, uptime, and speed requirements.

Wire drawing dies are commonly used to reduce the diameter of various ferrous and non-ferrous rods and wires. Applications include high, medium and low voltage cables, automotive, medical wire, superconducting, bonding, and welding wires.

Esteves Group polycrystalline diamond drawing dies (PCD dies) give the wire manufacturer the ability to maintain uniform wire roundness and minimize material usage.

Polycrystalline diamond dies enable a long drawing die life even at high process speeds and high demanding applications. Esteves Group PCD drawing dies are manufactured with a mirror polish and a smooth wire entry to ensure optimal die life and string-up.

Esteves Group offers a complete line of PCD drawing dies for rod-size down to fine wire.

Higher throughput, fewer die changes, less scrap, and higher quality all add up to more profit for the wire and cable manufacturer.

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Esteves wire drawing animation through wire drawing die