Ultrasonic cleaners

Clean your wire and cable tooling with Ultrasonic Baths.
  • Superb drawing die cleaning
  • Can also be used for extrusion tools
Key Features
  • Perfect for cleaning dies and extrusion tools
  • Easy to use
  • 30 kHz rugged industrial transducer
  • Mechanical timer with heater

This product is only available in Europe and the Middle East.

All cleaning involves one or more processes: direct mechanical energy such as scrubbing or spraying, use of chemicals, heat, and time.

Ultrasonic energy, a form of mechanical energy, generates controlled, high-magnitude pressure fluctuations in liquids that produce a consistent, high level of cleanliness in a short amount of time.

Ultrasonic cleaning is able to penetrate into the drawing cone of a wire die and into the inside of an extrusion tool that conventional methods cannot.

By incorporating precision controls, a more consistent, repeatable cleaning process is possible.

An ultrasonic cleaner is simple to operate:

  • fill the bath with a cleaning solution
  • Turn on the heater and set the ultrasonic cycle time
  • The unit's sweep frequency eliminates any dead zones, ensuring complete and consistent precision cleaning