EM-series Die Inspection Microscopes Product name EM-300 EM-303
Recommended for die size range (1) 0,010 - 4,00 mm 0,20 - 8,0 mm
Casing diameter 25 mm and 28 mm (1” optional)
360° die rotation holder ✔︎
Adjustable die inclination ✔︎
Movable die stage ✔︎
Camera adapter
Stereo/depth view (binocular) ✔︎
Magnification range (2) 40x to 200x 6x to 60x
Available objectives 4x, 10x (40x is available however can not be used for die inspection) Build-in zoom up to 3,0x
Available eyepieces 10x, 15x, 20x 10x, 20x
Illumination Frosted lamp 25W
Manual illumination intensity control
Lighting position Freely movable
Input power 220V (110V optional)
Dimensions [w x d x h] (Approx.) 200 x 180 x 340 mm 160 x 250 x 420 mm
Weight (approx.) 3,0 kg 6,0 kg
  1. For any additional requirements and inquiries, please contact a sales representative at Esteves Group
  2. Magnification range depends on objective and eyepiece combination
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