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Quick Facts About Esteves Group
Next Stop… Malaysia!

Esteves Malaysia is a new service center located in Subang Jaya - Kuala Lumpur, operational since July 2021. The Company provides diamond dies and die refurbishing services to customers located in the South East Asian region. 

With this new location Esteves enhances its global position, complementing the existing network in mainland China, Europe and the Americas. 

Esteves is the worldwide leading company in diamond die manufacturing.

Major stake in Diamond Tools Group acquired by Torqx

Torqx is a Dutch Private Equity firm that typically acquires majority positions based on a partnership with entrepreneurs and management teams, offering the companies smart capital, network, expertise and talent to support implementation of their plans and achieve their full potential. Torqx’s vision is to support Esteves in further strengthening its position and realizing its next phase of growth. Learn more about Torqx here>

Name change to Esteves Group

Based on the commitment to stay tuned to a constantly growing global market, the company name was changed to ESTEVES GROUP. The official presentation of the new name took place during the WIRE’08 Exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany on 31 March - 4 April, 2008.

Esteves-DWD Shanghai founded

In 2005 ESTEVES-DWD seriously considered the dramatic growth of Asian markets. As a result, a fully equipped manufacturing plant was established in Shanghai, P.R. of China.

Name change to Esteves-DWD

The group went through a new expansion in 1998 when the German group UKD and the American group Decatur Wire Die (DWD) were acquired. Soon after the acquisition took place the name’s group was changed from Esteves-PDT to Esteves-DWD to represent the European and American roots of the group. Esteves-DWD became the only die manufacturing group with facilities in all continents.

Decatur Wire Die LLC and UKD acquired by Diamond Tools Group

Two new acquisitions followed in 1998 when Diamond Tools Group B.V. concluded the acquisition of Decatur Wire Die LLC. and UKD - Ulrich Kiwus Diamanttechnik.

Both acquisitions immediately increased the company’s market share in the USA, Eastern Europe and Russia.

Acquisition of Esteves, name change to Esteves-PDT

In 1996 the Dutch company Professional Diamond Tools (PDT) and the Spanish Industrias Esteves, S.A. (Esteves) joined forces to create a group with presence in Europe and Latin America. The outcome of the integration was a new group called Esteves-PDT with a global sales network covering more than 80 countries and manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands, Spain, Mexico and Brazil. The new name, Esteves-PDT, was meant to represent the two company's origin.

Manufacturing unit founded in Brazil


Name change to Professional Diamond Tools (PDT)

As Philips Diamond Tools was no longer part of Philips, the company name was changed to Professional Diamond Tools B.V. This would allow maintaining the same abbreviation “PDT”, so changes would hardly be noticed by PDT’s customers. At that time the Dutch factory was specialized in manufacturing natural diamond and WireDite drawing dies for drawing fine and ultrafine wires.

Philips Diamond Tools acquired by Diamond Tools Group

Philips launched Operation Centurion in 1990. The focus was to make its management more competitive and focused on higher profits. One of the results of the project was the decision to divest from the Drawing Die Factory. In 1991 the Philips company changed from N.V. Philips Gloeilampenfabrieken to Philips Electronics N.V. On May 7th, 1992 was announced the sale of the Drawing Die Factory located in Valkenswaard (Netherlands) to Dutch investors.

Manufacturing unit founded in Mexico


UKD Poland (Zagwi┼║dzie) founded


Decatur Wire Die LLC established

Decatur Wire Die LLC was established in 1979. Manufacturing of natural diamond and carbide drawing dies started in a small plant in Decatur, IN. Known for their quality, customer service and reliability, DWD quickly expanded to service customers throughout the United States and North America. In the years following, DWD started production in Randleman (North Carolina), Danville (Kentucky), and acquired a plant in Oriskany (New York) to support its growing clientele and never-ending quest for total customer service.

Esteves S.A. founded

Industrias Esteves was founded in 1964 by the three brothers Alberto, Manuel and Mario Esteves. They started diamond die production in the town Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona, Spain). At that time the company manufactured diamond- and tungsten carbide dies and tools and die-reconditioning equipment. In 1974, the company was moved to a new facility in Cervelló, close to Barcelona. For several coming years heavy investments on technology were made and the company continued to expand in export markets. In 1991 and 1992 service and manufacturing units are founded in Mexico and Brazil.

Philips Diamond Tools founded

The history of Esteves Group dates back to 1913 when the multinational electronics company Philips founded their Drawing Die Factory to supply drawing dies to draw tungsten wire for their light bulb manufacturing. Philips Diamond Tools was rebuilt after the 2nd world-war bombardments and eventually grew from a small factory into a full-grown operation. In 1991 Philips announced the divestment of Philips Drawing Die company.