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Esteves Group Newsletter - March 2011

Meeting highest market demands

Esteves Group is successfully meeting the requirements of the most demanding wire manufacturing industries.

One of the most, if not the most demanding industry is the bonding wire industry, manufacturing gold or copper bonding wires with sizes as small as 0.010 mm, along with extremely narrow tolerances of 0.2 or even 0.1 micron. The bonding wire industry is supplied by Esteves Group, manufacturing diamond drawing dies that meet this industry’s very narrow size and profile dimension tolerances, along with meeting the necessary very high surface polish level requirements.

Another technically demanding and fast growing industry is the sawing wire industry, producing sawing wire for the exponentially growing solar panel industry. For this application Esteves Group is a leading supplier, every day meeting customer requirements for manufacturing ultra-precision diamond drawing dies that typically need very tight overall dimension and profile control.

Esteves Group has developed proprietary equipment and manufacturing methods to meet the requirements of the most demanding wire industries and will continue to invest in their valuable customers, partnering together to improve and develop new products.

Esteves group is certified to ISO 9001:2008, ensuring to meet customer needs through the use of quality management systems.



Last month Esteves Group presented an updated website, which was created after Carsten van der Putten was assigned Webmaster for Esteves Group’s global on-line presence. The website features their main products and services, and is available in five languages.

The improved website includes more information about the Drawing Die Wizard™ and an online version of the eWizard™ handbook, as well as an improved customer area section. After sign-in, visitors will notice that the download section has been redesigned and downloads are easier to find. Also new is that visitors with an EstevesGroup.com on-line account can update their company and personal contact information.

Currently engineers are working on expanding and improving Esteves Group’s online-presence. According to ‘van der Putten’, engineers have already begun working on the next part of the roadmap.“There's a lot more to come,” he said. “This is only the beginning. The website will gradually become easier to navigate and will display more information about Esteves Group’s products and services.”

Mr. van der Putten has been employed by Diamond Tools Group for over 12 years, and was named Product Manager for Esteves Group’s global drawing dies product range last year. “Making him Webmaster for our website is a natural follow-up of his commitment to help set out the path for our company’s future growth.”

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