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eWizard™ handbook

We are proud to introduce you to the eWizard™ handbook which presents an overview of dies and their use in the wire and cable industry. We hope you will find this handbook useful in the course of your business activities.

Select a link below to view the online copy of the eWizard™ handbook.

eWizard™ handbook


eWizard™ Handbook Contents:

1.  Materials
·     Steels
·     Carbon steels
·     Stainless steel
·     Copper
·     Copper Clad Steel
·     Aluminum
2.  Diamond die parts and profiles
·     The inner profile of a die has 5 main parts
·     Wire die profile parts
·     Wire contact point
·     Diamond blank material
3.  Diamond die maintenance
·     Optimum drawing conditions
·     Die inspection
·     Types of wear
·     Cracks and chipped diamond
·     Die diameter relative to blank size
·     How to determine the condition of the die and which actions to take?
·     Wear types
·     Recut diameter estimation
·     Before and after removal of drawing ring
4.  Bunching / Stranding dies
5.  Tubing dies
6.  Split dies
7.  Shaped dies
8.  Tungsten carbide dies
9.  Extrusion tools
·     Introduction
·     Wire guide´s structure and materials
·     Recommendations and advantages
·     Extrusion tools maintenance
·     How to order extrusion tools
·     Types of wire guides (Tips)
·     Types of extrusion dies
10.  Die reconditioning machines
11.  Website services
·     How to order new dies
·     Drawing Die Wizard
12.   Tables
·     1a. Polycrystalline diamond (PCD)  D6 to D18
·     1b. Polycrystalline diamond (PCD)  D12 to D21
·     1c. Polycrystalline diamond (PCD)  D24 to D27
·     1d. Polycrystalline diamond (PCD)  D30 to D33
·     1e. Polycrystalline diamond (PCD)  D36
·     2. Recommended viewing magnification for die inspection
·     3a. Sumitomo Sumicrystal - SMCD blanks
·     3b. Element Six - SMCD blanks
·     4a. Compax PCD - Maximum diameters per each PCD blank
·     4b. Sumidia PCD - Maximum diameters per each PCD blank
·     5a. Standard casing dimensions in mm
·     5b. Standard casing dimensions in inches
·     6. Maximum recut diameters for SMCD and ND blanks
·     7. Standard diameter tolerances
·     8a1. American wire gauge (metric)
·     8a2. American wire gauge (imperial)
·     9. Copper - American Wire Gage Chart - (imperial/metric)
·     10. Recommendation of reduction angles by material
13.   Formulas
·     Elongation percentage
·     Area reduction percentage
·     Physical properties for common materials
·     Elongation versus area reduction percentage
·     Area reduction versus elongation percentage
·     Diameter versus wire weight
·     Elongation set calculations
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