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Elongation sets

Reducing wire breaks and increasing drawing speed by using matched elongation die sets

Today’s high speed multi-wire drawing machines require maximum wire die precision.

Die strings are specifically designed and manufactured to match the mechanical draft of your machine. This ensures maximized die life and increased throughput and uptime.

The diameter of the finish die in the series is correlated to your finished wire size requirements.

Esteves Group matched elongation sets are available for all types of diamond dies and can be supplied as new and recut dies.

Ask our sales professionals to help you minimize wire breaks.

Higher throughput, fewer die changes, less scrap, and higher quality all add up to more profit for the wire and cable manufacturer.

Key features

● Available for PCD, SSCD and ND dies
● Elongation set tailored to your machine
● Optimal die profile, engineered to your process
● Homogeneous wire drawing


● Reduced wire breaks
● Maximized die life
● Effortless multi-wire string-up
● Reduced capstan wear

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