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Drawing Die Wizard™

What is Drawing Die Wizard™?

Design your wire drawing die, now in 3D. Choose the right drawing die for your application

Esteves Group was the first to release a computer software program used to design wire drawing dies that also provided a 2D-drawing of the die to scale.

Now the Esteves Group has established another first by releasing a major update to this already widely used software program. The new version allows you to review your drawing die in real-time 3D. You can view the full drawing die, you can look inside the die as if looking through a microscope, or you can also view a 3D cutaway cross-section of the die.

The program is now available in several languages for easier use.

New Features

Drawing Die Wizard Languages.png

Available in multiple languages

Available are: Català, 中文, English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Polski, Português, Русский, Español.

Drawing Die Wizard 3D drawing die view.png

3D full die review

This view shows a full representation of the drawing die you will receive from the Esteves Group.

Drawing Die Wizard 3D microscope view.png

3D microscope view

One of the most powerful new features is the microscope view. Watch the die profile change as you adjust the drawing die angle or bearing length.

Drawing Die Wizard 3D drawing die cross section view.png

3D cross section view

Another great new feature of the real-time 3D view is that you can see how the blank will fit inside the stainless steel metal casing.


Drawing Die Wizard user interface.png

Easy-to-use interface

Our Drawing Die Wizard™ is the only wire drawing die profile editor available in the market.

Die profiles can be created, saved and opened for re-use. You can also export your die profile and specifications into a pdf file.

Drawing Die Wizard suggested profile.png

Automatic die profile suggestion

Based on our latest knowledge, suggestions are made for reduction cone angle, bearing length and blank to fit inside your die.

Drawing Die Wizard die profile customization.png

Full drawing die customization

When drawing wire with metal properties that differ from the properties we generally use, you can then customize the profile by adjusting the reduction cone angle, bearing length and select the blank for your needs from all available blanks.

Drawing Die Wizard printout.png

Print your die profile

Print specifications, along with a 2-dimensional representation of the designed wire drawing die.

Drawing Die Wizard PDF export.png

Share your die profile

Use the built-in PDF export feature to e-mail your design to your colleagues or to us.

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