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Shaped Dies


Are dies with any shape to transform round (or shaped wire) to shaped wire. Shaped dies are used in both drawing and extrusion machines where material is forced under pressure through the die. These dies are constructed in the same way as dies for round wire.

Blank (Nib) material
Shaped dies can be made of tungsten carbide (TC) and can also be made of polycrystalline diamond (PCD).

Stainless and cold rolled steel.

Dimensions depend on the size of the holder in the machine.
Sizes generally range from 25 mm to 75 mm (1” to 3”).

The minimum size of shaped dies is limited by the wire size of a spark erosion machine. These machines are used to cut the shape and profile in the die.

The shape is also restricted by the ability to polish the finished profile.
The size of large shaped dies is only limited by the size of the blank and the capabilities of the machine it is used in.
The size tolerance is generally plus or minus 1% of the size.
Angle range is generally 6 to 24 degrees plus or minus 1 degree.
The radiuses and blend of shaped dies vary widely and depend on the application and specifications of the customer.

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