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Diamond dies - Synthetic single crystal diamond wire dies (111 oriented)


Esteves Group is a manufacturer of diamond drawing dies with synthetic single crystal diamond (SSCD, also known as single crystals) blanks inside as a high quality, predictable and durable product for drawing ferrous and non-ferrous wires from 0.010 to 1.81 mm (.00039 - .0713”). Larger sizes are available upon request.

Like all products from Esteves Group you can expect these products to be manufactured with the highest quality and accuracy standards.

Synthetic single crystal diamonds, also called synthetic mono crystal diamond and abbreviated as SSCD or SMCD or MCD, are man-made diamonds, manufactured under controlled conditions and are free from impurities, inclusions and cracks. These tightly controlled quality aspects lead to predictable and constant die performance.

The SSCD blanks that Esteves Group uses are all <111> oriented with a divergence in the orientation less than 1°. The result is a close-to-round wear pattern for each die, a quality aspect that previously could only be obtained in small natural diamond dies.

Another advantage of SSCD blanks is their availability in several sizes, allowing you to select the diamond blank that best fits your recut program.


Key benefits of Esteves Group SSCD diamond wire dies

Long die life due to its extreme hardness and resistance to scratching
Predictable recut dimensions as its blank dimensions are guaranteed
Minimal variation in die life, wear shape variation, and optimal die life due to the <111> orientation
Can be used in high-heat processes because of its extreme thermal conductivity
Easy setup, smooth drawing
All blanks have been manufactured under tightly controlled conditions and are free from impurities, inclusions and cracks
As SSCD blanks are man-made single crystal diamonds, its product quality and consistency is guaranteed
Nonconductive properties make this product a good choice when electrical conductive materials are an issue



Synthetic single crystal diamond has nearly the same material properties as natural diamond, therefore SSCD diamonds should be applicable in the same application areas as where natural diamonds are applied.

Synthetic single crystal diamond dies are successfully applied in both ferrous and non-ferrous wire drawing industries. An advantage of SSCD drawing dies is that the blank dimensions are more consistent than natural diamond blanks, and therefore give a more predictable recut performance than natural diamond drawing dies.

Typical application areas:
Bonding wire (gold, copper, aluminum)
Medical wire
Stainless steel wire
Copper wire
EDM wire
Special alloy and high performance alloy wire
Precious metal wire
Various other ferrous and non-ferrous metal wire types


Product use

Synthetic single crystal diamond can be chosen as a raw material for the following products from Esteves Group:
Wire drawing dies
Shaped wire drawing dies
Bunching/Stranding dies
Extrusion tools
Compacting dies
Refurbishing/recutting drawing dies
Burnishing dies


Size range

Synthetic single crystal diamond wire dies (SSCD dies) are part of Esteves Group’s diamond wire dies product portfolio. Typical ranges (both smaller and larger sizes are available on request):
0.007 to 2.00 mm (.00027 - .0787”) - natural diamond wire dies (ND dies)
0.010 to 2.05 mm (.00039 - .0807”) - synthetic single crystal diamond wire dies (SSCD dies)
0.040 to 35.0 mm (.00157 - 1.378”) - polycrystalline diamond wire dies (PCD dies)
0.127 to 76.2 mm (.005 - 3.000”) - tungsten carbide wire dies (T/C dies)


Technical support

Call our technical sales support if you wish to receive more information about our products or if you would like to receive a quote for your application. We will manufacture wire dies to standard specifications or customize our products to match your manufacturing needs.



All our manufacturing facilities manufacture new wire drawing dies.
All our manufacturing facilities refurbish (recut/rework) wire drawing dies.
Al our manufacturing facilities manufacture multi-wire die sets.
Our free eWizard handbook presents an overview of dies and their use in the wire and cable industry. We hope you will find this handbook useful in the course of your business activities.
Esteves Group also gives their customers a unique free software program that can be used to configure and visualize drawing dies. Drawing Die Wizard is a great tool to select the best and most cost effective blank for any wire drawing situation.


Physical properties
Hardness 50-100 GPa
Thermal conductivity 600-2200 W/mK
Transverse rupture strength 2.0 GPa


Shown below are the dimensions of Element Six SMCD and Sumitomo Sumicrystal SMCD diamond inserts:

Esteves Group SSCD dies - Synthetic monocrystalline diamond drawing dies (111 oriented) Download product leaflet (USA-only) Download product leaflet (metric)
111-oriented SSCD Blanks (metric sizes) 111-oriented SSCD Blanks (imperial sizes)

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