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Esteves Group ultrasonic machines, wire machines

With die reconditioning machines, die life can be extended.

After being used for wire drawing during a certain period, dies become worn and must be polished or recut. The time a die can be used, or the quantity of material that can be drawn using a die before recutting is needed, varies and depends on:

- Type of material that is pulled through the die.

- Condition of the material (hardness, scratching, etc.).

- Type of lubrication used. - Drawing speed.

- Variability due to the die itself (especially in the case of natural diamond).

- Geometry of the die itself.

It is up to the customers to decide when dies require repolishing or recutting. Repolishing the reduction angle is carried out on a die that has been used, but where the bearing shows no increase in diameter. Recutting the die implies increasing the diameter of the bearing.

All die processing operations require specific equipment (ultrasonic and wire machinery, cleaning basins and inspection and measuring devices).

The Esteves Group offers a wide range of machines designed to offer low maintenance cost, and high flexibility in production.

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