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Esteves Group - The global die company

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Esteves Group Worldwide


Esteves Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of tooling for the wire and cable industry, manufacturing high precision tools for drawing metal wires and extruding insulation around wires and cables, customized to each customer’s requirements.

With its headquarters in the Netherlands, Esteves Group has fully equipped manufacturing locations all over the world. Esteves Group is owned by Diamond Tools Group, a privately owned company specialized in the production of precision diamond tools and hard material tools.

We are proud to call ourselves the Global Wire Die Company for we truly supply, service, and support customers globally.


Esteves Group worldwide

Esteves Group designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and services products for the drawing industry used by customers to create metal wires that find their end use in a wide array of electronic, communications, housing, power and automotive products.

During the course of the almost 100 years existence, Esteves Group has helped customers to increase the productivity and efficiency of their drawing operations by customizing and optimizing the drawing dies and drawing sets and by continuously improving the performance and accuracy of the manufactured products.

Esteves Group is committed to providing customers with leading solutions to improve their current operations or assist them with starting up new product lines. Esteves Group products are supported by process solutions, enabling customers to gain and sustain a competitive edge in the marketplace.


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